Bursting Through Your Enemies

You are about experiencing and enjoying the greatest deliverance in your life. You will not forget this year. Never! Yes, were going into Passover Festival week as well as the LORD is approximately repeating what he did in Egypt in your lifetime. God can easily our end our spiritual, physical, financial and emotional slavery. He will smite our enemies, their conspirators along with their gods. You have stayed enough as situation which is clear it is only a powerful, divine ordinance like this of the Passover night that will stop your enemies. Yes, he’s God of love, patience and peace but in addition God of vengeance and war. He is God of mercy and in addition God of Judgment. He forgives the repentant and as well punishes the recalcitrant. We choose his side that people want experience by our actions and attitudes. When he extends the carrot and you also reject it or take him with his fantastic word as a right, create brings the stick. He did everything for Pharaoh and also the Egyptians allowing the Israelites go, however they trampled upon the opportunities and mistook his appeals as weakness. Israel had spent about four century in Egypt good word in the LORD to Abraham. Now, that this time was complete God sent Moses and Aaron to search and tell the king of Egypt permit his people go, “… I have surely seen the affliction of My those people who are in Egypt, and have absolutely given heed on their cry this can taskmasters, for I am aware of these sufferings. ‘So I have depend upon deliver them in the power on the Egyptians, and bring them up from that land into a good and spacious land, into a land flowing with milk and honey, to your place in the Canaanite along with the Hittite as well as the Amorite as well as the Perizzite as well as the Hivite along with the Jebusite. ‘Now, behold, the cry from the sons of Israel comes to Me; furthermore, I have seen the oppression that the Egyptians are oppressing them.” Exodus 3:7-9.

Wow! Did you read that? My God! Yes, you might have stayed in this affliction of sufficient length. And enough is definitely enough. He has patiently watched them oppress and suppress every body these years. He said which he has seen your affliction, your tears, your labour and sufferings, the grip and cruelty of one’s enemies as well as heard your cry and that he has depend upon deliver you’ll a strong hand. Praise God! The Egyptians weren’t just slave masters over Israelites but taskmasters and destiny killers who had been determined to keep your people of God in bondage forever. The extraordinary growth, multiplication and prosperity became a supply of worry to your Egyptians. They feared how the Israelites might out grow them and finally take over their land. So, they did everything to halt the Israelites from suppression, forced labour, slavery, brutality and in many cases elimination. They appointed merciless taskmasters to in excess of labour and break the spirit and courage in the Hebrews. Pharaoh order the midwives to crush Hebrew new born male babies, even so the LORD gave them the courage to disappoint him. He again instructed the Egyptians along with the Israelites to chuck the ball Hebrew new born baby boys in the Nile along with the Almighty maneuvered your situation to preserve and prepare the deliverer. The same crocodile-infested Nile which will serve as a grave for that new babies became a protector plus a link for the palace for starters of them. God is obviously in total control. He will only use the plan with the enemy to create way for us. Remember, baby Moses stayed in a basket in the bank in the river and this was the place that the King’s daughter saw and adopted him. He was well-trained and equipped within the palace with the work he reached for. There he mastered the many arts of Egypt as a way to stand up, talk with and confront them. Our God is often a master planner! He took you round to equip you for the destiny and what is around to happen that you experienced. True.

Now that you are totally leaving the grip on the enemy. There is definitely time for everything. This is your time for freedom. It is your time for escape. It is your use of manifestation. A time to get back all you’ve lost. It is your period of rest of all those endless struggles and sufferings. It is usually a time being delivered from those spiritual, physical and emotional torture and slavery by Satan, demons and evil males and females. It is often a time for God to indicate his sovereignty and power through you and through you situation. He will stop individuals been victimizing you for no just cause. It is time to avoid those midnight weeping and soliloquizing. He is approximately to show your enemies that only him contains the final say in every matters. Yes, the time is right for you to get rescued. It can be a time for ones shame being completely wiped away and for the glory to send back. With strong hand the LORD is coming to deliver you. Your Passover initiated a policy of! We will continue. Share this message.

Immigration Strengthens Tolerance

Immigration will be the international movement of an individual into a destination country ones they will not be natives or where they just don’t possess citizenship as a way to settle or reside there, especially as permanent residents or naturalized citizens, in order to take up employment to be a migrant worker or temporarily like a foreign worker

· Most things get stronger if they’re regularly challenged. That is how exercise and studying work to improve your body and minds. This is basic argument that how immigration strengthen tolerance. Immigration, however, by challenging tolerance also exposes intolerance. So you may have the impression so it causes more intolerance. This isn’t so. The backlash against immigration we come across in many regions of the world isn’t new intolerance, but entrenched intolerance freshly exposed.

· Tolerance will be the basic need with the whole world as the world became global village so there exists less tolerance between people from societies. To increase the degree of tolerance, variety among people within a place is essential.

· A Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation survey of nearly 1,700 Americans – including over 1,000 in rural areas – reveals that attitudes toward immigrants form one with the widest gulfs between U.S. cities and rural communities. Rural residents are more inclined than people in cities or suburbs to consentrate that immigrants will not be adapting for the American life style. The poll also finds why these views soften in rural areas with significant foreign-born populations.

So when there is certainly variety from the culture of country than tolerance will automatically increase due to interdependency

· Pakistan, my country is proudly the most important host of refugees in the earth according to UNHCR.According to their report Pakistan host a lot more than 1.45 million refugees and quite a few of them are from Afghanistan.these refugees become immigrants because on the long afghan war and from now on they don’t desire to go back there. I personally witness that now that they live with people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan and the’ve love for the other and their younger ones are marrying with the other person, this immigration of afghans on account of war however increase how much tolerance and peace and interregional harmony.

· According to a study of researchgate.net, each of the data gathered from 1980 to today, each of the indicators of tolerance have risen. from 2005 onwards, the increase in tolerance appears particularly striking. More French people declare these are “in favour in the right for immigrants to vote at local elections”. lots more people consider “immigration being a source of cultural enrichment.”

· Graduates have “the most tolerant attitudes towards immigrants and benefit recipients”, regardless of whether factors for example their income and social class are looked at.A study done by researchers from NatCen Social Research plus the Open University for that Department for Business, Innovation and Skills viewed differences in social attitudes between graduates and others with other amounts of education. It learned that some of these differences were linked to being a graduate, as an alternative to to other background factors associated with as a graduate, for example income level and type of job.”Higher education is anticipated to help students interact to the changing needs of society, nevertheless the expanding quantities of graduates, using distinctive attitudes, could well be driving further modifications in society,” says your research paper, published by BIS and titled The Effect of Higher Education on Graduates’ Attitudes: Secondary Analysis on the British Social Attitudes Survey.

· The conclusion that any of us get from the above researches and surveys, it really is clear that immigration strengthen tolerance whatsoever and yes there are many cases where immigration by illegal ways causes harm and instability in society.

· The last and not least demonstration of how immigration strengthen tolerance could be the migration of Muhammad (peace be upon him) from Makkah to Madinah and then there they stablished the islamic state of Madinah where they stablished brotherly relations with all the hosts along with the migrants.It is stated ever that the hosts gave their land, livestock to your immigrants and called as Ansaars and also the muhajirs respectively.

Purim and the Enemies

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as part of his recent Purim message answered the continued threats of annihilation of Israel through the enemies from the Jewish state by reminding them on the biblical story of Haman. Haman obtained an irreversible decree to kill the many Jews in Persian and confiscate their properties. But before the date of execution, God intervened and Haman, his sons as well as the enemies in the Jews were killed instead. You know the storyplot very well. We will get back to it later. Yes, I a great deal admire the dedication, love and courage of Bibi (when he is fondly called) towards the cause of Israel. He is always able to do everything needed to protect and advance the interests from the Jewish state, specially the policy of to never allow the people check out threats and victimization in the past. I see Benjamin Netanyahu within the mould of Moses, Joshua, Gideon and Samson. And thanks to his family that gave Israel three indefatigable brothers – Yonatan, Benjamin and Iddo that served inside the elite IDF Special Forces, sacrificing their comfort and life. They left contentment as the children of an American professor and learning Ivy colleges, migrated and joined the Israeli forces from the 60s and still have played exceptional roles in defending the Jewish nation as well as its people.

Though this piece will not be about the Netanyahus, but we shall forever can recall the sacrifice in the indomitable Yonatan ‘Yoni’ Netanyahu; that young Israeli Special Forces commander that successful led the rescue approximately hundred Jewish hostages in from Entebe Airport, Uganda in 1976. That operation remains a reference inside the study of rescue missions and special operations. Just go back and look the accounts again and observe the films. And you are going to be amazed because of the professionalism, patriotism and courage exhibited from the planners and executors of this mission and what those guys could do as far back because the 70s. Ironically, only Yoni lost his life in this most-daring operation, but which was after terminating the terrorists, rescuing the hostages, sending them home. He and the men were retreating to board the plane leaving the place when he was cowardly shot by way of a Ugandan soldier hiding about the airport towers. The Jewish commandos went back and cleared the area immediately and in addition inflicted an irreparable damage towards the Ugandan Air force by blowing up most on the fighter jets and equipment on ground. Because of my fascination with the boldness and sacrifice of Yonatan. I dedicated my book / audiobook Power of Sacrifice to him. And it is now in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Finish, Swedish, French, Dutch, Chinese, Italian, German, Afrikaans, Indonesian, etc. Yes, there’s no better time for you to remind the enemies on the Jews of God’s covenant of protection regarding his people versus the Festival of Purim.

As you know the Festival of Purim is undoubtedly an annual event to commemorate that spectacular, miraculous deliverance with the Jews from annihilation throughout the reign of King Ahasuerus on the Persian Empire in 5 BC. Haman; a Jew-hater was appointed an excellent minister in the empire. And when Mordecai, a Jew refused to bow to him, the proud Haman got the king to sign an irrevocable decree to kill the many Jews – driver with everything, infants and females and confiscate their properties everyday. But God miraculously intervened when Esther and Mordecai mobilized every one of the Jews over the empire to fast and seek divine intervention. Their enemy Haman was hanged, Mordecai (a Jew was appointed in the place), and another decree was promulgated that countered the very first, empowering the Jews to protect and kill their enemies. God delivered his people from certain destruction. Since then the Jews happen to be celebrating this dramatic deliverance and display of divine power till date. Yes, Bibi was to certainly remind the enemies of Israel the God of Purim continues to be alive to guard his people. And also that there remains today unwavering, commitment, determined, patriotic and fearless Jews like Esther and Mordecai to sacrifice everything, including their lives to view that nobody, no nation, no interest or gang up occasion to be given that possiblity to humiliate or threaten the use of Israel again. This has for ages been sufficiently demonstrated ever since the establishment on the modern Jewish State. And that policy remains unchanged. Touch Israel and you also burn your fingers.

But Haman will not be the only example to be given for the enemies of Israel. Pharaoh messed with Israel and the man, his commanders and horsemen perished inside Red Sea as soon as the angels of destruction and death devastated his land. At that evening of Passover, men and beast mourned and wept throughout Egypt. Sennacherib boasted and used it. He even queried the ability on the God of Israel to supply; comparing him with all the gods of other nations which he had destroyed. I love just how God replied to this, “Who will it be you have insulted and blasphemed? Against whom maybe you’ve raised your voice and lifted up your eyes in pride? Against the Holy One of Israel… Because you rage against me plus your insolence has reached my ears, I will put my hook inside your nose and my bit with your mouth, and I can make you return from the way you came.” You already know how he ended. Then, three nations came against Jehoshaphat and Judah. God took on the battle and this enemies in confusion slaughtered themselves. Not one person survived. What in the mighty and proud Goliath? After boasting, harassing and humiliating the Israelites for the, his head was cut off with the exceptional people defeated. And can continue. Now, every enemy harassing you and the people of God are going to be displaced and take off today inside mighty name of Jesus! Chag Purim Sameach!

I Am With You

In the midst of the global confusion we shall keep experience his peace and blessings. God is with you and that he will be causeing this to be very clear for you and those near you this year. He will manifest as they has never been. He will prove himself strong and powerful for you. You is not going to struggle again showing that. He will prove that she is still your God and contains not abandoned you of course. The doors which are shut against you may open now. Hope you heard that adequately? Mark it. Write it down. New grace, new abilities, new opportunities are developing this situation. Are you not already seeing them? They will beg someone to receive the blessings. I am seeing mine. I am seeing items that I have not experienced before new doors, new anointing, new breakthrough, ‘waters released of dry ground’ etc. Things which were working against you are going to now commence to work inside your favour. That ‘thorn as part of your flesh’, is going to be removed. Yes, it’s going to. Those that doubted or ridiculed you may come to praise God together with you. Those that maltreated you might rush to apologize for you. Those which have been fighting and against you may come to make peace or they are going to fall prior to because of the amount of glory and energy that is about to be unleashed for you. He will enable the world know your relationship with him by his manifestation. But why will every one of these happen? Just to reassure you and also prove to the world that he is still along with you. Just be ready!

You know the story of Jacob. He had much trouble and fear when God gave him that massive divine reassurance at Bethel. Yes, there is nothing that reassures as meeting up with him. It gives strength and peace in the middle of trial, like just what the world goes through now. It gives hope and courage amid life battles. The world needs urgent healing currently. Nations, people, businesses need urgently God’s touch, love and miracles to recover from this. True. Jacob was there: frustrated, afraid, traumatized, in regrets, tired, discouraged, depressed, lonely and confused if the LORD met and spoke those powerful words to him. He was running far from his enraged, cheated elder brother, whom he just stole his birth from the comfort of. And worse, he were not sure exactly the method to where he was running to. My God! But because he was overloaded with all of these worries and uncertainties, he asked God. And because he fell asleep in frustration, using stone, (hard stone) as pillow, the lord spoke “… I am together with you, and I will protect you where you go. One day I will create for you back to this land. I will not give you until I have finished supplying you with everything I have promised you.” Gen 28:15. Jesus! Sure, this can be one in the greatest promises I have found within the bible. Every time, I check this out I get reinvigorated to push on in daily life and in faith. It set it up the needed ‘bearing’ to locate my way as I was being raised. It has been certainly one of my ‘banner verses’ in the past. I am not surprised that God is again chatting with me through now. Jacob needed that a lot to move on. And we likewise require it now. Yes, now. As you check out this, God is saying that he are going to be with you through and beyond this global chaos. He is along. He will protect, preserve and offer for you until ALL his promises on your life arrive at pass!

Also take a look at what happened in Egypt over the plagues. None from the destructions, no hails, diseases touched the Israelites at Goshen. They discovered it, they saw the Egyptians suffer it, nevertheless it did not visit their camp. Wow! That is the power of divine protection and preservation. Remember he explained that none of people diseases and destructions shall touch us! From the first plague on the last in Egypt, none affected the Israelites. They were divinely immune and shielded. In fact, in the Passover night, as every one of the families of men and beasts in Egypt were wailing and mourning the death in their firstborn, the bible declared not even a bark in the dog was heard in most of Goshen in which the Israelites lived. Power! That is the God we serve. Now, as being the world is struggling and groaning God can also be releasing unprecedented grace to his people and also the church. He will through us bring healing, peace and hope on the world. Jesus Christ remains to be the only hope for the planet. Look at Exodus 12:13, “But the blood on your own doorposts delivers as a sign, marking the houses in which you are staying. When I view the blood, I will pass over you. This plague of death won’t touch you when I strike the land of Egypt.” My God! Yes, it wouldn’t touch us. We are covered. We will sure prosper and flourish in the course of this crisis. You know that Jesus is the fact that lamb that has been sacrificed for people. Run into him today, immediately to your protection and preservation. We will continue. Share this message to everybody. Happy New Year!

Political Violence Exist in a Democracy

The spread of political unrest in countries across the globe has prompted fears around the growth of political violence in democratic societies.

There is usually a theory that political violence could be the sort of thing a democracy should prevent in case it occurs it’s going to be remedied from the exercise of voting, the safety of individual rights from the courts or by civil disobedience.

The degrees of Jamaica along with the US dispel this proposition.


Since the 1980’s we have seen a long-standing feud between right-wing and left-wing elements often escalating into violence. The violence has now morphed into economic crimes fueled because of the drug trade in south Florida.

Successive governments manipulate states of emergency to combat surges in crime because, based on National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang, unless Jamaica gets to be a police state, states of emergency are needed. A police state is certainly one in which excess power is exercised over the power in the police force.

Democracy remains intact though the costs happen to be high. Jamaica was indexed in a recent report as obtaining the highest rate of homicides (including killings from the police) from the Americas along with the Caribbean

The summer of 2020 saw protests and sporadic violence in many American cities pursuing the killings by police of African Americans George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

Some people including a few who are now protesting inside the streets believe that American policing is incompatible with democratic ideals.

The new president Joe Biden was placed in a celebration flanked by a sea of barbed wire and 26,000 heavily armed soldiers. Military soldiers parade the streets as police, SWAT teams execute nightly no-knock warrants (specially in communities of color) while people on the market communities are disproportionately absorbed from the world’s largest prison system.

To stop the exacerbation of Trumpism we view internet censorship and regulations for the media and some within the left even recommend new dramatic terror laws and also policies to deprogram the minds of Trump supporters.

It remains to appear if the 2020 demonstrations will resolve the long-standing issues of racial injustice or escalate in to a civil war. Two factors indicate how the trend favors the first kind:-
First, today’s protesters will be more interracial than those on the past comprising African Americans, Latins and Whites because police target all races with rubber bullets and tear gas.

These Walls Must Fall

Suddenly the walls collapsed! Wow! The barriers were completely removed. All these obstacles you might be seeing continuing your journey today will burn off. Yes, they may. It will happen suddenly, totally, swiftly and unexpectedly. You will seek out them reading this message and you will probably see them forget about. Nothing can block your blessings again. God has blessed you and also it cannot be reversed. Yes, this is our season. Are you not seeing it? No wall, no barrier, no obstacle, no power, no conspiracy can stop us. God gave the Israelites town of Jericho, even so the walls were impregnable. It was high, broad, and well-fortified plus the gates were tightly shut and roundly guarded. It was simply humanly impossible to input and conquer it. You know this story adequately. God were forced to push along the walls himself. Look at that incredible account again, “When the individuals heard the sound in the rams’ horns, they shouted as loud while they could. Suddenly, the walls of Jericho collapsed, and also the Israelites charged into the town and captured it.” Joshua 6:20. Every wall standing against you might fall today!

Maybe we rewind a bit to obtain the background in this display of divine power. God miraculously took the Israelites over the muddy River Jordan. The records been with them that immediately the priests carry the Ark from the Covenant stepped into the river, it parted. Yes, the God that divided the Red Sea will even divide the Jordan. He is always willing to repeat what he’s done for us during the past. God of yesterday is usually the God in the present day and tomorrow. He does not change. He will try everything necessary to confirm his words whilst keeping his promises. He had already given Israel the Promised Land by oath as well as the detailed boundaries centuries ago and won’t allow any obstacle to square on their way. Listen, no barrier can stop the blueprint and promises of God to your life. He stated that forever his word is settled in heaven (and so on earth). God’s program for the life is settled forever. It cannot be changed, hindered or truncated by any circumstance, man or devil. But you must play your role adequately and on time. What did Israel caused by attract divine fulfilment and possession? Listen cautiously.

Immediately they crossed the River Jordan, people were circumcised they usually celebrated the Passover. These two events, sacrifices, dedication automatically activated their possession and victory. They were necessary whenever they must take on the Promised Land and conquer their enemies. And they were commanded by God himself. You can not totally possess your personal property or be completely victorious if you have not re-established and reactivated the divine covenants over your lifetime. Most people miss now and they fall and rise freely. Your level of obedience and dedication will invariably determine the depth and height of divine resolve for you. Israel will possess their possession nonetheless they must first go over the reactivation of these dedication to God. And immediately they achieved it, God said that she has rolled away the shame of these slavery in Egypt. My God! How deep is the dedication to him? How strong is the best obedience?? Tell me. This may be why that you are still finding it hard to fully locate, possess and remain in his blessings. We will continue. Bless you!

Make Your Volunteer Abroad Experience Rewarding

Volunteering abroad generally is a wonderfully rewarding experience. You’ll be meeting amazing people, doing gratifying work, constantly learning, and seeing hidden corners around the world. When you return out of your adventure, you will be a well-rounded person with lots of memorable experiences. Of course, you will discover things that might go wrong on your time abroad, however, if you follow our tips below, you may ensure that you will have a truly rewarding volunteer abroad experience.

  1. Take everything being an adventure

Living in a very foreign country is undoubtedly an adventure. Volunteering is definitely an adventure. Throughout the length of your time abroad, you may have good days and bad days, however, if you think of every moment within your experience as a part of the adventure, you will be much happier and also a much more rewarding volunteer experience abroad. Above all, remain flexible.

  1. Research the reputation the country

Researching the reputation of the country you can be volunteering in will allow you to better be aware of the situation america and its everyone is in. Once you adequately understand something, you might be better equipped to do this. Not only will you have a very more rewarding volunteer experience, even so the work you are doing will turn out being more best for the local community.

  1. Talk to people

Talk to your locals. Talk to your fellow volunteers. This is the easiest way to learn about america you have chosen and also to share experiences and knowledge online websites. Volunteering abroad is definitely an exchange, when you keep the cloths line of communication open with everyone who are around you, the exchange of data, skills, stories, and experiences is enhanced. You never know what is going to come from a conversation with someone.

  1. Learn the language

Learning the neighborhood language, simply a small part of the usb ports, should go a long way you helping you to possess a rewarding volunteer abroad experience. Not only is it necessary for your mind as well as your overall skills to have understanding of a foreign language, but locals will admire and respect you when planning on taking part within their culture. Learning the neighborhood language can also be a great way to become familiar with a culture, because they’re closely linked.

  1. Develop a hitting the ground with your in-country coordinator

It’s smart to establish a positive link between you and your organization’s in-country coordinator. This is the person whose job it can be to support you ought to you have any issues while volunteering abroad. Make sure they understand who you might be, where you happen to be stationed, and that you might have each other’s contact info. Maintaining an excellent relationship will assist you to feel safe and supported within your time abroad.

  1. Have the right expectations

It’s simple to get very excited in regards to the prospect of volunteering abroad, but this leads to some very unrealistic expectations. The right expectation is to own no expectations in any respect. Take every day as it comes, and be present from the moment within your time abroad.

  1. Do not be ready to make a massive difference immediately

When we first started start Friends for Thailand we’d a clear objective products we planned to do and understood that change needs time to work. Many volunteers have frustrated because things don’t happen as quickly because they’re used to. It’s best not to ever develop grand expectations of how much you’re going to accomplish while volunteering abroad. Every situation is unique, every country is unique. All you’ll be able to do is put inside work and remain patient and vigilant. Positive change may come, whether you will be there to discover it you aren’t.

  1. Understand the limitations of developing countries

If you’re coming from the western world, you happen to be probably employed to having some things available to you by any means times. This is not true in developing countries. When living within a developing country, it is important that you understand how the united states functions, what its laws are, where did they are related to your culture, and what is and isn’t available. When you understand why and accept it, you will have a much more rewarding volunteer abroad experience.

  1. Stay positive

Wherever you choosed to volunteer, a good attitude while volunteering abroad can certainly make your experience significantly better. Although you’ll usually be using a lot of fun, witnessing the stipulations of a developing country can occasionally be hard to handle. Remember to keep having a positive attitude – you won’t just be helping yourself feel great, but you will end up helping everyone who are around you as well.

  1. Be focused on volunteering

Too often, volunteers go abroad together with the intention of working, but turn out not doing much whatsoever. They either get caught up from the idea of partying and socializing, or they think that the work should be to hard plus they don’t want to put inside the effort.

This really hurts the encompassing community, and that is largely dependent upon the humanitarian work of volunteers. If you aren’t 100% committed towards the act of volunteering, you most likely shouldn’t volunteer abroad by any means.

Here in Thailand we expect that candidates that volunteer around are committed towards the projects that people support. When you volunteer in Thailand along with us, we expect are volunteers to essentially get involved and help wherever should be used.

When you choose to volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Thailand you happen to be making a consignment to participate and help with long lasting, sustainable change.

Prayer Is the Key

Prayer has become described as sine qua non as well as the engine that powers effective evangelism and Christian living. This assertion is made by Rev Agbo, an author as well as the founder from the Double Honour Christian Centre in Enugu, Nigeria. He said this while talking to reporters in the prayer event inside the city recently. He reminded Christians to become consistently in prayer for their own reasons, their own families, the church and mankind. The clergy declared these pandemic and global crises are going to be over soon. He noticed that if Jesus can’t make it without prayer that it will likely be very difficult, otherwise impossible for virtually any Christian for being victorious or make heaven without them. He also spoke within the establishment in the Double Honour Christian Centre in Enugu. He declared that the Centre is going to be a destination to host one day non-stop prayers with the church, Christians and nations. It will work as an international and interdenominational retreat destination for all Christians coming from all nations. It will pray for that salvation and emancipation coming from all mankind. It will probably be a centre for miracles, healing deliverance and spiritual knowledge. So many people that read our publications out of all major languages (English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Hindi, Swedish, Finish, Afrikaans, German, Dutch, Greek, Japanese, Indonesian, Polish, Russian, worldwide are eager and requesting such a place where they are offered to fellowship, pray and find out about prayer, spiritual warfare, deliverance and all sorts of the gospel. Many are actually receiving these through phone and internet, but complain they want more importantly, hence the advantages of this sort of Christian Centre.

We are going to be training spiritual and prayer warriors that are going to be standing inside gap and provided for different parts with the world. We have been carrying this out for greater than a decade and half now through our conferences and books / publications much like the Power of Midnight Prayer, Power of Sacrifice and Breaking Generational Curses: Claiming Your Freedom and a lot of dedicated columns in numerous countries. Like inside USA – newsnationglobal.com, EzineArticles.com, etc. Ghana – modernghana.com etc. Nigeria – Guardian Newspapers, eagleonline.com, thenigerianvoice.com, etc. And so many others around the globe. You can Google our articles and discover most of them. These platforms have raised great women and men of power and holiness with the past 10 years. Our book Power of Midnight Prayer remains one from the most powerful book/ audiobook ever written on spiritual warfare and is in the major languages with the world. It can be available on amazon, Google, scribd.com and the major book and e-book sellers.

Double Honour Christian Centre will host an auditorium that could seat in excess of 5,000 people within a meeting. This will probably be used for services and for international conferences. We is going to be hosting international and national prayer meetings, summits and conferences. These meetings will probably be attracting people from different parts with the world, especially from the languages where our books have already been translated. It will also have blocks for class rooms, ICT, Administration, Café, refractory, sports and gymnasium, clinic, skill acquisition centre and also a mini press. And will also use a school individuals orphans along with the less privilege inside society. We presently execute a lot inside our limited resources towards this. But we’ll like to institutionalize becoming the LORD leads. Widows, orphans plus the poor take our first line charge, because LORD has commanded us. That is the instruction. And we shall sure not fail him. If we is capable of doing what we are performing now, sure we is going to be more committed with increased and better resources and infrastructure, by his grace. We solicit to your support and donations to the work.

The Madness Chronicles

In our 49th episode in the Madness Chronicles, we’ll discuss the madness of how the NWO and Deep State are sure we’re stupid. Remember, madness is usually a state for being mentally ill, severely, extremely foolish behavior, plus a form of frenzied or chaotic activity. Let’s take a review of how stupid they are we were in 2020.

A week as soon as the banana republic election of Joe Biden, the Wuhan Virus has turned tail and ran. A mere week following the militarized inauguration of Jihadi Joe, the Governor of Michigan, Chicago, California, and New York are easing up restrictions. We saw more Festivus miracles in 2020 than previously.

The economic devastation brought on by the draconian measures of such Governor’s destroyed 100,000 small enterprises in America. But now that they can pulled off the coup out of them all, we’re expected to all lock arms and sing kumbayah. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced she was lifting COVID restrictions just two days as soon as the inauguration. She said the COVID rates are declining. That comes after putting her residents through hell for almost all of 2020

In Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who supports the record for leading the location with more black homicides than some other, received a similar great news as Whitmer at a similar time. Can you picture the coincidence? The Mayor proclaimed that “Due to recent progress inside the fight against COVID-19, Chicago is operating under Illinois’ Tier 1 mitigations-which includes limited indoor dining and even more.” You have to be impressed using the two-day turnaround President Biden has engineered. Note the ‘stupid’ signs flashing inside the background if you feel a word of the usb ports.

No a person more locked down than California. People are fleeing there, so quickly U-Haul has hired drivers another trailers as there are none in California. But hey, maybe they are able to return now with Slow Joe for the helm? To be fair, it took five days to mend California. California Governor Gavin Newsom announced he was lifting regional stay-at-home orders through the state. That’s right, work from home orders.

Governor Newsom issued the tightest COVID restrictions within the nation. Despite his airtight lockdown California has got the most COVID cases within the country. Yet, in the stunning turnaround, Biden has chased the coronabalogna straight on vacation. The Governor lifted regional stay-at-home orders over the state responding to improving coronavirus conditions, returning California to some system of county-by-county restrictions. CBS San Francisco reports the move opens the way in which for a resume limited restaurant dining. Surprisingly, prominent Democratic politicians everywhere have come to the same conclusion concerning the COVID lockdowns at precisely the same time.

And within the miracle of the miracles, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that COVID-19 was indeed receding within his state one week following the inauguration. It defies the imagination. It really does; he might have at least waited a little while or a month so it will be look like they weren’t participating. But, within the end, that may be how stupid believe that we are.

They took us for stupid and thus far they are not disappointed. Sheeple throughout the world are masked towards the max, browsing line to have a vaccine it’s not even a vaccine. The lockdowns and restrictions wreaked here minions worldwide have driven the poverty rate up 2.4% from the United States, the very best since the early sixties. The poverty rate for black Americans rose 5.4%, and many types of this inside the last 6 months of 2020 as a result of Governor’s closing their citizens.

COVID-19, something, is creating havoc to clear out a President who drove a previous president’s best economy using the lowest black and Latino unemployment in U.S. history. That makes 2020 12 months of despair, deception, and diabolical deceit.

May we wake with this madness and get started. I wish you health and well being, and until the very next time, enjoy yourself, enjoy life, and view out for your madness amongst us. It’s 2020; check around; it’s outrageous.

Welcome President Biden!

Joseph R Biden or popularly called Joe Biden, the 46th President in the United States of America, was sworn in a very modest inauguration event within the 20th of January 2021 located in the premises of Capitol Hill which has been invaded by Trump supporters a fortnight back. At 78, they are the oldest ever President of the nation to be sworn in: however, his arrival when it reaches this juncture is noted by many as momentous and much-needed because of the aftermath of Trumpism.

Not surprisingly, for the bitterly divided American society, President Biden pleaded for national unity plus the end in the uncivil war together with the slogan ‘shun division, embrace unity’. He explained that ‘unity’ is required because of the paramount need, that he termed as ‘a desperate involve survival coming from the earth itself’, of countering areas of rising political extremism, white supremacy racism, domestic terrorism and also the pandemic that caused more damage in a single year compared to the whole with the World War-2 did to America. He stated that he was the President for those Americans including individuals who did not or still don’t support him. The President said, ‘democracy counts, democracy is fragile’, but continued optimistically by proclaiming that ‘today is democracy’s day’ which ‘democracy has prevailed’. There was much to heal plus more to build, he pleaded.

The event had not been attended with the outgoing President Donald Trump as announced by him 2 or 3 days back, he became exactly the fourth President to take action in USA’s presidential history, as well as the first to do this in last many hundred and half a century. However, Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence attended the ceremony, and significantly has not been around when Trump delivered his farewell speech with an airbase before Airforce-1- to fly where you can Florida. Trump has additionally earned the initial distinction of becoming the 1st ever US President to have impeached twice from the US House. With the Democrats establishing their presence from the Senate their next moves in permanently depriving Trump of post-presidential privileges could be keenly observed.

Earlier, Kamala Harris was sworn in because the Vice President of USA, becoming the 1st ever woman VP, the very first ever black person to elevate to this post plus the first ever person of Asiatic (Indian) origins to imagine this privileged office of the us. People of her original village in Tamil Nadu, India celebrated this huge occasion by prayers inside temples and distributing sweets in large gatherings. However, Kamala Harris like a liberal democrat most likely to take her India-origins seriously and mix with all the people along with with some with the most aggressively Hindu nationalist governments of the united states. More best part about it comes within the wake of Kamala Harris’s rise, with regard to appointing greater than 20 Indian-Americans in Biden Administration of that 17 come in key positions. In fact, Biden had already strengthened his COVID-19 team with a number of Indian-Americans who had the expertise, and the call of ‘set aside politics, fight the pandemic’ augurs well for way ahead for a country where around 600 thousand folks have lost their lives up to now due to the Coronavirus infections.

President Joe Biden’s mission presently is clearly to absolve the legacy of Trump at the earliest opportunity, so that as he said in the speech, to get started on engaging together with the world for peace and democracy. To lead by examples the President experienced action about the very first day of his office. He signed around 15 executive orders reversing some from the crucial foreign policies and national security decisions taken by his predecessor Trump. These orders include, significantly, America rejoining the Paris Agreement on climatic change, revoking the country’s withdrawal in the World Health Organization, making wearing of masks mandatory and rescinding a travel ban imposed on visitors from the 3 major Muslim-majority countries.

The President from the Democrats, fundamentally the cynosure of democracy-spirited people with the globe, had said within his inauguration speech, ‘Together we shall write an American story of hope, not fear, of unity, not division, of light, not darkness. A story of decency and dignity, love and healing and goodness’. We hope Joe Biden succeeds as part of his mission of developing democracy secure and permanent within his country together with on the world. We also hope that American story would inspire many in numerous major countries in the globe where democracy may be coming under serious and ever-increasing threat.

Chinmay Chakravarty can be a professional specialized within the creative field with more than two decades of experience in journalistic writing, media co-ordination, film script writing, film dubbing, film & video making, control over international film festivals and editing of books & journals. Proficient in providing professional services during these related fields. Was a police officer of Indian Information Service and superannuated through the post of Director, Press Information Bureau, Kolkata in November, 2019. Published his first solo book ‘Laugh and Let Laugh’ in 2017.