I Am With You

In the midst of the global confusion we shall keep experience his peace and blessings. God is with you and that he will be causeing this to be very clear for you and those near you this year. He will manifest as they has never been. He will prove himself strong and powerful for you. You is not going to struggle again showing that. He will prove that she is still your God and contains not abandoned you of course. The doors which are shut against you may open now. Hope you heard that adequately? Mark it. Write it down. New grace, new abilities, new opportunities are developing this situation. Are you not already seeing them? They will beg someone to receive the blessings. I am seeing mine. I am seeing items that I have not experienced before new doors, new anointing, new breakthrough, ‘waters released of dry ground’ etc. Things which were working against you are going to now commence to work inside your favour. That ‘thorn as part of your flesh’, is going to be removed. Yes, it’s going to. Those that doubted or ridiculed you may come to praise God together with you. Those that maltreated you might rush to apologize for you. Those which have been fighting and against you may come to make peace or they are going to fall prior to because of the amount of glory and energy that is about to be unleashed for you. He will enable the world know your relationship with him by his manifestation. But why will every one of these happen? Just to reassure you and also prove to the world that he is still along with you. Just be ready!

You know the story of Jacob. He had much trouble and fear when God gave him that massive divine reassurance at Bethel. Yes, there is nothing that reassures as meeting up with him. It gives strength and peace in the middle of trial, like just what the world goes through now. It gives hope and courage amid life battles. The world needs urgent healing currently. Nations, people, businesses need urgently God’s touch, love and miracles to recover from this. True. Jacob was there: frustrated, afraid, traumatized, in regrets, tired, discouraged, depressed, lonely and confused if the LORD met and spoke those powerful words to him. He was running far from his enraged, cheated elder brother, whom he just stole his birth from the comfort of. And worse, he were not sure exactly the method to where he was running to. My God! But because he was overloaded with all of these worries and uncertainties, he asked God. And because he fell asleep in frustration, using stone, (hard stone) as pillow, the lord spoke “… I am together with you, and I will protect you where you go. One day I will create for you back to this land. I will not give you until I have finished supplying you with everything I have promised you.” Gen 28:15. Jesus! Sure, this can be one in the greatest promises I have found within the bible. Every time, I check this out I get reinvigorated to push on in daily life and in faith. It set it up the needed ‘bearing’ to locate my way as I was being raised. It has been certainly one of my ‘banner verses’ in the past. I am not surprised that God is again chatting with me through now. Jacob needed that a lot to move on. And we likewise require it now. Yes, now. As you check out this, God is saying that he are going to be with you through and beyond this global chaos. He is along. He will protect, preserve and offer for you until ALL his promises on your life arrive at pass!

Also take a look at what happened in Egypt over the plagues. None from the destructions, no hails, diseases touched the Israelites at Goshen. They discovered it, they saw the Egyptians suffer it, nevertheless it did not visit their camp. Wow! That is the power of divine protection and preservation. Remember he explained that none of people diseases and destructions shall touch us! From the first plague on the last in Egypt, none affected the Israelites. They were divinely immune and shielded. In fact, in the Passover night, as every one of the families of men and beasts in Egypt were wailing and mourning the death in their firstborn, the bible declared not even a bark in the dog was heard in most of Goshen in which the Israelites lived. Power! That is the God we serve. Now, as being the world is struggling and groaning God can also be releasing unprecedented grace to his people and also the church. He will through us bring healing, peace and hope on the world. Jesus Christ remains to be the only hope for the planet. Look at Exodus 12:13, “But the blood on your own doorposts delivers as a sign, marking the houses in which you are staying. When I view the blood, I will pass over you. This plague of death won’t touch you when I strike the land of Egypt.” My God! Yes, it wouldn’t touch us. We are covered. We will sure prosper and flourish in the course of this crisis. You know that Jesus is the fact that lamb that has been sacrificed for people. Run into him today, immediately to your protection and preservation. We will continue. Share this message to everybody. Happy New Year!

Political Violence Exist in a Democracy

The spread of political unrest in countries across the globe has prompted fears around the growth of political violence in democratic societies.

There is usually a theory that political violence could be the sort of thing a democracy should prevent in case it occurs it’s going to be remedied from the exercise of voting, the safety of individual rights from the courts or by civil disobedience.

The degrees of Jamaica along with the US dispel this proposition.


Since the 1980’s we have seen a long-standing feud between right-wing and left-wing elements often escalating into violence. The violence has now morphed into economic crimes fueled because of the drug trade in south Florida.

Successive governments manipulate states of emergency to combat surges in crime because, based on National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang, unless Jamaica gets to be a police state, states of emergency are needed. A police state is certainly one in which excess power is exercised over the power in the police force.

Democracy remains intact though the costs happen to be high. Jamaica was indexed in a recent report as obtaining the highest rate of homicides (including killings from the police) from the Americas along with the Caribbean

The summer of 2020 saw protests and sporadic violence in many American cities pursuing the killings by police of African Americans George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

Some people including a few who are now protesting inside the streets believe that American policing is incompatible with democratic ideals.

The new president Joe Biden was placed in a celebration flanked by a sea of barbed wire and 26,000 heavily armed soldiers. Military soldiers parade the streets as police, SWAT teams execute nightly no-knock warrants (specially in communities of color) while people on the market communities are disproportionately absorbed from the world’s largest prison system.

To stop the exacerbation of Trumpism we view internet censorship and regulations for the media and some within the left even recommend new dramatic terror laws and also policies to deprogram the minds of Trump supporters.

It remains to appear if the 2020 demonstrations will resolve the long-standing issues of racial injustice or escalate in to a civil war. Two factors indicate how the trend favors the first kind:-
First, today’s protesters will be more interracial than those on the past comprising African Americans, Latins and Whites because police target all races with rubber bullets and tear gas.