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Marketing patterns of rainfed and irrigated systems: Do they differ?

This study used a nationwide dataset of 5000 households from four regions in Ethiopia to identify important determinants of market orientation, market participation and market outlet choices.

Market-orientation was affected by productive capacity, oxen, total land area, irrigated land area, access to irrigation, and access to market information.

Market participation was affected by market oriented production, productive capacity and the availability of market information.

With respect to outlet choices, the important role of market access conditions (mainly roads and storage facilities) and services (extension services and access to micro credit) were found to be important.

Expanding the necessary infrastructure for irrigation development or creating the conditions for household
adoption of different irrigation technologies is important for market production and participation and outlet choice
decisions of households.

Provision of adequate and timely marketing information is also another entry point totransform agriculture.

Download the working paper:

Hagos, F., Haileselassie, A., Getnet, K., Gebregziabher, G., Bogale, A. and Getahun, Y. 2016. Marketing patterns of rainfed and irrigated systems: Do they differ? LIVES Working Paper 14. Nairobi, Kenya: ILRI.

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