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LIVES regional and zonal offices operational, space for knowledge centers allocated!

While planning the interventions and action plans for Year 2, the regional and zonal teams also working on acquiring office space in the regional research institutes and the bureaus of agriculture/livestock agencies. So far, office space was allocated by regional research institutes/centers (such as TARI, SARI, Gonder research center), regional universities (namely Axum university) and bureaus of agriculture (in East Shoa, West Shoa, and Jimma). The allocation of office spaces in partner institutions and organizations will ensure smooth and efficient collaboration and partnership to implement jointly selected interventions.

Based on experiences from IPMS, LIVES has encouraged participating project districts and zones to establish knowledge centres (KCs). All the zones and districts have shown great interest in these; in Oromia for instance, of the 12 rooms needed, 11 rooms were immediately made available.

Establishment of new knowledge centres as well as strengthening existing ones will be handled by the project including purchase of ICT equipment, furniture and publications; while logistical arrangements and management of the centers will be handled by the respective organizations including assigning a centre manager, providing suitable rooms and any other logistical requirements

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