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LIVES program of work for April 2013- March 2014

April 2013 to March 2014 will be a year of many firsts for the LIVES project. Now that most staff have been recruited and the activities in capacity development, knowledge management, promotion, value chain development and research have been identified; it’s time to get started!
The program of work for the year is based on the overall project objectives and strategies and outputs evolved during the first project year through assessments of existing situations and consultations at district, zonal, regional and national levels. The responsibility to implement agreed upon project activities will be shared between ILRI, IWMI and federal and regional level development and research partners.

Key project activities in year two include:

  • Organizing training of trainers and specialist training for public sector extension/subject matter staff on gender sensitive value chain approaches, and market oriented livestock and irrigated crop value chain interventions.
  • Selection of candidates for MSc/BSc training in a gender equitable way
  • Encouraging participating project Districts to establish knowledge centres and assist in operationalizing them.
  • Supporting value chain development in the Zones/Districts and Regions by making research and development demonstration materials available for some of the interventions such as incubators, mobile cattle crushes, solar pumps, cooling devices, nursery supplies, semen, scions etc.
  • Initiating diagnostic studies and aim at quantifying identified problems/generate knowledge to better understand causes of problems.
  • Continue recruitment of competent professionals for the remaining vacant positions in the project structure.

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