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LIVES zonal workshop N.Gonder

LIVES zonal workshop North Gonder zone

LIVES zonal workshop central Tigray zone

LIVES zonal workshop central Tigray zone

LIVES zonal workshop Sidamma

LIVES zonal workshop Sidamma zone

LIVES zonal workshop Jimma

LIVES zonal workshop Jimma zone

The whole month of February and the beginning of March 2013 was dedicated to LIVES zonal workshops in the selected zonal towns of Amhara, Oromia, SNNP and Tigray. The aim of the workshops was threefold: The first was familiarizing the project  objectives and targets to local stakeholders: smallholder producers, input suppliers, unions/cooperatives, service providers, the research system, University, NGO and other programs. The second was to validate the zonal baseline data result and plan commodity value chain interventions that LIVES would focus on in its first year interventions and beyond.  And the third was to come up with research interventions that serve as an input for the project research planning workshop  that happens in end of March in which research priorities and locations will be determined. Overall summaries of the workshops and other related documentations are on the project wiki.

One thought on “LIVES in the ZONES!

  1. Fanos, am Genene from SARI, could you please send the presentations at planning workshop LIVES helt at End of March and list of problems at Sidama during the zonal workshop.

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