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Banana production expands in Lay Armacheho District

Lay Armacheho District was one of the potential districts identified through the suitability map for banana production in North Gondar zone. The LIVES project introduced and demonstrated the performance of an improved banana variety with recommended management practices on the farms of 10 intervention households in Musie Bamb Kebele in the district. Continue reading

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 LIVES takes part in the first Horticultural Farmer Day in Ethiopia

The first Farmers’ Horticulture Day was celebrated in Ethiopia at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) campus on 29 April 2015. The event was organized by the SupHort project in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, the LIVES project and other partners. Continue reading

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The need for new livestock technologies: Fufa Keneni’s challenges with his dairy farm in Ada Berga district, West Shoa

In February 2015, the Oromia Region Livestock and Irrigation Value Chains for Ethiopian Smallholders (LIVES) project implementation committee carried out a field visit in West Shoa zone. The objective of the visit was to gain better insight of what’s on the ground so that feasible activities can be planned for the following project year. Continue reading

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Finding inner strength and hope: Livestock business empowers Ethiopian couple

This story is about a couple, Bizunesh Abu (30) and Wendu Gutema (40), living in Mojo town, Oromia who started dairy farming and fattening of bulls calves after attending a short-term training on business entrepreneurship. Continue reading

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Traditional butter churn beats modern alternative in Ejere, Ethiopia

Traditional is not synonymous to backward. Traditional ways of agricultural production and processing may have to be modernized through introduction of modern technologies. Yet, modern technologies need to beat the traditional ones to be adopted. A technology in point is the age-old traditional butter churn in Ethiopia. Continue reading

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LIVES livestock technologies praised at opening of Oromia research institute headquarters

The Oromia Agricultural Research Institute (OARI) inaugurated its new headquarters on 8 February 2015. The building houses a food science laboratory, conference centre, library, training rooms and several offices. High-level government officials including Muktar Kedir, the Oromia regional president, state ministers and directors of federal and regional research institutes attended the event. About 500 guests including researchers, development practitioners, NGOs staff, farmers and extension professionals attended the inauguration ceremony.
Continue reading

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Collaborative LIVES and government project improves uptake of artificial insemination in Jimma zone

A team of LIVES project staff, livestock development, health and administration officials from Dedo, Kersa and Seka Chekorsa districts and Jimma zone administrators designed and implemented a hormone assisted oestrous synchronization and mass artificial insemination (OSMAI) project from October – November 2014 in the three districts. Continue reading