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Collaborative LIVES and government project improves uptake of artificial insemination in Jimma zone

A team of LIVES project staff, livestock development, health and administration officials from Dedo, Kersa and Seka Chekorsa districts and Jimma zone administrators designed and implemented a hormone assisted oestrous synchronization and mass artificial insemination (OSMAI) project from October – November 2014 in the three districts. Continue reading

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From cow to electricity: Using biogas beyond cooking and lighting in Ethiopia

Livestock and Irrigation Value chains for Ethiopian Smallholders (LIVES) project is working across the dairy value chain in Ethiopia – from milk production, input/service provision and milk processing/marketing to dairy waste management. Through its dairy waste management interventions, the project plans to contribute to rural electrification by introducing alternative energy sources. The project has introduced a new biogas package which includes a biogas electric generator, biogas pumps/compressors, biogas storage bag and above-ground plastic digesters. Continue reading

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An East Shoa farmer’s example of multifunctional agriculture for livelihood diversification

In Dugda District of Oromia Region’s East Shoa Zone, Teklemariam Simie, a 79 year-old farmer is engaging in what may be considered an emerging version of multifunctional agriculture. Continue reading

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LIVES introduces new technologies to boost Ethiopia’s smallholder livestock production

LIVES has introduced new feeding, breeding and milk production technologies to boost smallholder livestock production in Ethiopia. Continue reading

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LIVES promotes selective livestock culling in Amhara to protect local breeds and farmers’ livelihoods

The LIVES project team in Amhara has started demonstrating and introducing improved fodder plants to smallholder farmers and setting up training programs on feed conservation, genetic improvement and culling strategies of dairy cattle for smallholder farmers and development agents. Continue reading

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Changes in grazing land management and implications on livestock production in West Shoa Zone

Before year 2007/08, the system of wetland grazing management was communal in west shoa zone of Ethiopia, although there was loose control from individuals on their piece of grazing lands. Nowadays, private grazing land and hay preparation are becoming common in West shoa zone. “If a person is herding his animals in June in one place, you will find him/her in the same place in September” explains a community member in West Shoa zone; showing the high degree of private use of grazing lands and the disruption of the previous rotational system between wetland and upland areas.At the moment,the private grazing land (0.25 to 0.5 ha/household on average) is used for hay making and/or grazing. Furthermore, private grazing lands are larger in size than communal ones and the latter are diminishing over time.
Continue reading

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LIVES supports creation of new dairy platform in Oromia

To address gaps in the dairy production in the region, the Oromia Livestock Development and Health Agency (OLDHA) in partnership with the LIVES project established the Oromia dairy platform, on 6 November 2014, which will create a dialog and policy forum for relevant stakeholders in the dairy sector. Continue reading