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Developing the butter value chain in Ethiopia – LIVES first working paper published

LIVES working paper 1 presents results obtained from the LIVES baseline data exercise as well as from the rapid butter value chain assessment study conducted by the IPMS project. The final section presents conclusions and recommendations on strategies and interventions to increase the size and efficiency of the butter value chain in the country. Continue reading

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West Shoa knowledge centre manager promotes communication for agricultural development

The Agricultural Knowledge Center in west shoa zone office of agriculture is one the very active service providing knowledge centers that were established by the Livestock and Irrigation Value Chains (LIVES) project more than a year ago. With the help of the knowledge center manger, Serbessa, employees of the office of agriculture use this center to compute and communicate through the computers and internet services; refer books in the center, and use the spacious room to hold meetings, brainstorming sessions as well as training workshops. Continue reading

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Changes in grazing land management and implications on livestock production in West Shoa Zone

Before year 2007/08, the system of wetland grazing management was communal in west shoa zone of Ethiopia, although there was loose control from individuals on their piece of grazing lands. Nowadays, private grazing land and hay preparation are becoming common in West shoa zone. “If a person is herding his animals in June in one place, you will find him/her in the same place in September” explains a community member in West Shoa zone; showing the high degree of private use of grazing lands and the disruption of the previous rotational system between wetland and upland areas.At the moment,the private grazing land (0.25 to 0.5 ha/household on average) is used for hay making and/or grazing. Furthermore, private grazing lands are larger in size than communal ones and the latter are diminishing over time.
Continue reading

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Chicken egg marketing: A viable business for couples in Southern Ethiopia?

Chicken eggs are important source of protein and income for smallholders in many parts of Ethiopia. Sidama zone has about 1.3 million chicken populations (16% of the region) of which about 16% are located in the intervention districts (Arbegona, Bona zuria and Bensa) of Livestock and Irrigation Value Chains for Ethiopian Smallholders (LIVES) project. These districts are situated in mid to highland agro ecology. Continue reading

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LIVES supports creation of new dairy platform in Oromia

To address gaps in the dairy production in the region, the Oromia Livestock Development and Health Agency (OLDHA) in partnership with the LIVES project established the Oromia dairy platform, on 6 November 2014, which will create a dialog and policy forum for relevant stakeholders in the dairy sector. Continue reading